Designed for Classroom Use

Music Flash Class has several features that make it highly suitable for group class activities. Here are some ideas of how you can use it in your Group Class. Do you have other ideas? Send them to us!

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Hot Potato

Students gently pass around the iPod or iPhone as they attempt to choose the correct note before the Hot Potato buzzer sounds. But don’t toss it, or you’ll get buzzed! Students who do not get buzzed get rewarded, and you can reward the whole group for the total number of cards correct. Here's a video of students playing it!

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How Many Correct Notes Before the Timer?

Set a 15 or 30 second goal, and see how many each student can get right within the time limit.

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How Many Correct in a Row?

See how many your group can get correct in a row. Challenge them to reach for higher and higher goals. Reward them for how many they get correct.

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