Music Flash Class is written by Henry Flurry, a former professional software developer who changed careers in the 1990s to become a professional musician.

A short bio of Henry:

Henry Flurry is a certified Suzuki Piano Teacher and accomplished composer who has been teaching privately for decades. His formal music training includes studies at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, Northwestern University School of Music, and the European American Musical Alliance of Paris, France, and University of Birmingham, UK. Prior to moving to Arizona, Henry was an adjunct professor at the University of Michigan School of Music and a founder of Media Station, Inc., where he developed commercial software for the likes of Disney, Hasbro, and IBM. Until its closure, Henry served as a member of the Arizona Arts Roster, a juried position administered by the Arizona Commission on the Arts. He is a co-founder of the nonprofit performing-arts organizations Chaparral Arts, Chaparral Music Fest, Chaparral Suzuki Music Academy, and Arizona Philharmonic. He enjoys performing with his wife Maria as the duo Sticks and Tones.

You can also find Henry on the web at:

  • www.HenryFlurry.com - Henry's piano studio and composition website. You can find recordings of Henry's compositions here.

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