Introducing Music Flash Class

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A highly configurable music flash card application suitable for self study, student practice, lesson teaching, or group class activities.  Music Flash Class is a universal iOS app, designed for all iPod Touches, iPhones, and iPads.

Designed, Tested, and Used

Piano Teachers

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You Know How Best to Teach Your Students

  • You define the notes you want your student to drill.
  • You decide if the application should test or teach.
  • You decide how many cards, how long to test, how quickly they must answer.
  • You decide whether to drill in letter names, solfège, keyboard mode, or several other options!
  • You decide what accidentals, keys, and modes to test.
  • You see (and save!) what notes were wrong.

Designed for Versatility

  • Lock the device’s orientation to accommodate each child’s way of holding the device.
  • Use in group classes with built in games or games led by you.
  • Define challenges for even the most advanced musicians.

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